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Triangulation of Data, Pedagogical Documentation, Collaborative Inquiry, Student Work Study, Pedagogy, Student-Teacher Partnerships


This major paper examines a unique approach to a professional collaborative inquiry in schools, in Ontario, called The Student Work Study Initiative. It was a job embedded approach which sought to uncover how students academically achieving Level 2 could improve to Level 3. This paper will explore the benefits of using a collaborative inquiry process which includes the student as a central partner through systematic co analysis, co description, and co reflection of student work captured through the use of pedagogical documentation. The Student Work Study approach will be examined in its entirety and its benefits and implications will be compared with more traditional ways of educational reform. Methods analyzed will include qualitative data drawn from pedagogical documentation.

Anticipated findings of this review include a study of the impact of this approach on student learning and well- being in the classroom, descriptions of learning cultures and partnerships formed amongst and between teachers and student and content, producing students with increased agency and power in classrooms, the use of systematic pedagogical documentation in the process, and engaging students and teachers as researchers in a community of learning. This paper highlights tensions including: lack of time, inconsistent assessment and evaluation practices, implications for introverted learners amidst collaborative learning structures in classrooms, and the challenge of continuing this work beyond the life of the actual funded intervention to include its premise as part of regular classroom and school structures, in order to foster lasting change for school leaders, students, teachers, and system partners.

Primary Advisor

Dr. G. Rideout

Program Reader

Dr. G. Salinitri

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Master of Education



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Major Research Paper

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