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Case-based research facilitates two major objectives. First, it provides insights into a company, which informs managerial decision-making. Second, case-based learning allows a classroom to evaluate a real problem facing a business. In doing so, an instructor focuses on the options, criteria and decision. Also, an instructor uses the case as a tool, from a pedagogical perspective, to reinforce course material.

The following two cases provide scenarios where a business is uncertain of how to overcome challenges. The decision-maker is provided with information in order to evaluate the options, weigh the options against the criteria and decide which option is ideal. The first case considers whether a business should open a new retail store. This case outlines distribution issues related to expansion, which allows a classroom to discuss marketing strategy from a customer service perspective. The second case considers how a business should establish its brand in a new geographic market. This allows a classroom to evaluate the company’s current brand and devise a plan in order to optimally leverage its marketing expertise into establishing the brand in a new market. Additionally, each case has a teaching note that allows an instructor to relate the cases to course material, established frameworks and academic theory.

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Peter Voyer

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Dave Bussiere

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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Major Research Paper

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