Utility-scale Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

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Utility-Scale Wind Turbines and Wind Farms

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Wind power is a pillar of low emission energy systems. Designing more efficient wind turbines and farms, and increasing reliability and flexibility, is an area of intense research and development. In order to overcome the intermittent character of wind power, both the individual turbines and the wind farm as a whole must be considered. Many recent advances have been achieved in multiple aspects of utility-scale wind power. This structured research review conveys recent progress, with chapters written by an international team of experts. Organized into five parts, the book covers the aerodynamics of turbines and farms including layout; control techniques; environmental concerns including noise and bird and bat collisions; the intermittency issue including forecasting, storage and hybrid wind-PV plants; and offshore wind farms. From the general principles of aerodynamics to detailed and systematic coverage of the latest developments, Utility-scale Wind Turbines and Wind Farms provides a convenient and up-to-date source of information for academic researchers and R&D professionals working in this field.



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