The health of women temporary agricultural workers in Canada: A critical review of the literature

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Canadian Journal of Nursing Research





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agriculture, Canada, Determinants of health, Emigration and Immigration, female, Gender, health care delivery, Health disparities, health disparity, Health Services Accessibility, Health Status Disparities, human, Humans, migration, review, statistics, Underserved populations, Vulnerable populations, Women's health


Among high-income countries such as Canada, there is growing dependency on "low skilled" temporary foreign workers in a variety of sectors. The purpose of this review is to critically synthesize and analyze the theoretical and empirical literature on gendered and temporary migration in the context of globalization and the health of temporary agricultural workers, particularly women in Canadian programs. While the social sciences literature contains well-developed conceptualizations of gendered migration, the research has focused on women in feminized occupations such as domestic work. Multidisciplinary searches produced only 11 research and review publications on the gendered constraints or health of temporary agricultural workers in Canada. Further investigation is needed to explore and integrate the strengths, resiliencies, and health-care needs of women migrant agricultural workers in Canada, as well as the barriers they face, within the intersecting and gendered forces of inequities at all levels: local, national, and global. © McGill University School of Nursing.