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Obesity is a chronic, complex and multifactorial disease with the prevalence increasing in North American adults. Novel AOMs are demonstrating weight loss results comparable to bariatric surgery when used effectively. As the gatekeepers to AOMs, primary care providers can play a key role in obesity management through exploring safe prescribing measures employed in primary care.


This review will systematically map the existing literature on prescribing measures for AOMs to determine the extent, range, and nature of literature available on the measures utilized by PCPs when prescribing AOMs in North America.


One independent reviewer conducted a review using the PRISMA-SCR and JBI methodology. Pubmed, CINAHL, Cochrane, OVID databases were searched between October 9 and December 1. A 10 year date restriction was applied to reflect current practice.


There were 11 sources included in this review of which ten were quantitative studies. These sources identified barriers and facilitators with safe prescribing measures, counselling and uptake of clinical guidelines pertaining to use of AOMs.


This review identified that lack of knowledge and time were common barriers for the safe prescribing, counsel and follow, and utilization of clinical guidelines when using AOMs by PCPs.

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