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Conference Proceeding

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Summer 6-8-2013

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Administrative Sciences of Canada Conference


Matty Moroun, Ambassador Bridge, border crossing, Canada, United States


This case discusses the only privately owned bridge between Canada and the United States and the legacy of the billionaire owner, Matty Moroun, who engaged in a number of unethical and ethical tactics to stop construction of a competing publicly owned bridge. Over the last 10 years Matty Moroun did everything within his power to stall and stop construction of a new bridge, maintaining his near monopoly on the busiest border crossing in North America. With a crucial vote on the fate of the public bridge the night of the presidential election in 2012, with the vote favouring the public bridge, it is now very likely the new bridge will be built. The case begins and ends with Moroun contemplating his legacy, and wondering if a number of his tactics crossed the line between protecting his own self-interest at the cost of his personal character and integrity, and how others might now perceive him.


This paper will be a part of the published proceedings of the Administrative Sciences of Canada Conference 2013, Calgary Alberta.

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