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European Journal of Operational Research





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Goal programming, Interval additive reciprocal comparison matrices, Multiplicative consistency, Uncertainty, Group decision making


This article presents a goal programming framework to solve group decision making problems where decision-makers’ judgments are provided as incomplete interval additive reciprocal comparison matrices (IARCMs). New properties of multiplicative consistent IARCMs are put forward and used to define consistent incomplete IARCMs. A two-step goal programming method is developed to estimate missing values for an incomplete IARCM. The first step minimizes the inconsistency of the completed IARCMs and controls uncertainty ratios of the estimated judgments within an acceptable threshold, and the second step finds the most appropriate estimated missing values among the optimal solutions obtained from the previous step. A weighted geometric mean approach is proposed to aggregate individual IARCMs into a group IARCM by employing the lower bounds of the interval additive reciprocal judgments. A two-step procedure consisting of two goal programming models is established to derive interval weights from the group IARCM. The first model is devised to minimize the absolute difference between the logarithm of the group preference and that of the constructed multiplicative consistent judgment. The second model is developed to generate an interval-valued priority vector by maximizing the uncertainty ratio of the constructed consistent IARCM and incorporating the optimal objective value of the first model as a constraint. Two numerical examples are furnished to demonstrate validity and applicability of the proposed approach.


This article was first published at doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2014.10.025. Copyright Elsevier 2015.

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