Proceedings of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation Conference, Vol. 10 (2013)

Virtues of Argumentation

University of Windsor, May 22 - 25, 2013

Organizing Committee:

  • Hans V. Hansen
  • Catherine E. Hundleby
  • Christopher W. Tindale

assisted by: Jamie Sewell, Elisa Durante & Anne Marie Romanko

Programme Committee:

  • Andrew Aberdein, Florida Institute of Technology
  • Lilian Bermejo-Luque, University of Granda
  • J. Anthony Blair, University of Windsor
  • Emmanuelle Danblon, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Hans V. Hansen, University of Windsor (Secretary)
  • Ralph H. Johnson, University of Windsor
  • Fred Kauffeld, Edgewood College
  • Christopher W. Tindale, University of Windsor
  • Frank Zenker, University of Lund

For their support of this conference, The Society is grateful to the following:

  • The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
  • The Provost & Vice-President (Academic)
  • The Dean of Law & the Faculty of Law
  • The Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation & Rhetoric (CRRAR)
  • The Department of Philosophy
  • The Department of Communication Studies
  • The Humanities Research Group
  • Informal Logic

Editors of the proceedings:

Dima Mohammed and Marcin Lewiński

Video Producer/Editor, DVD Authoring &Technical Advisor

J. Martin Vaughan (CTL)

The content for OSSA 10 will be publicly accessible following the release of the CD-ROM. Thank you for your patience. Please forward any questions to Dave Johnston at

ISSN 2371-8323

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Editors’s preface
Editors’s preface for OSSA 10
OSSA 10 Keynotes
Keynotes from the 10th OSSA conference, 2013
Papers and Commentaries
Papers and commentaries from the 10th OSSA conference, 2011. Virtues of Argumentation