Proceedings of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation Conference, Vol. 4 (2001)

Argumentation and its Applications

University of Windsor, May 17-19, 2001

Organizing Committee:

  • Hans V. Hansen, University of Windsor
  • Christopher Tindale, Trent University
  • J. Anthony Blair, University of Windsor
  • Ralph H. Johnson, University of Windsor

Programme Committee:

  • Maurice Charland, Communication, Concordia University
  • Jacqueline Davies, Philosophy, Queen's University
  • Vance Mendenall, Philosophy, University of Ottawa

The J. Anthony Blair Prize Committee:

The first J.Anthony Blair Prize for an outstanding student paper on the programme was awarded to Jan Albert van Laar (University of Groningen) for his paper entitled "Equivocation in Dialectical Perspective." We would like to thank the referees for the prize:

  • James B. Freeman, Hunter College, CUNY
  • Jean Goodwin, Northwestern University
  • David Hitchcock, McMaster University
  • Michael Leff, Northwestern University
  • Gerald Nosich, University of New Orleans
  • Robert C. Pinto, University of Windsor
  • Lawrence H. Powers, Wayne State University

The society is grateful for the following at the University of Windsor for their generous support:

  • Dr. Katherine E. McCrone, Executive Dean of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Prof. Neil Gold, Vice-President, Academic
  • Terry Whelan, Secretary, Department of Philosophy
  • Hans Hansen
  • R.C. Pinto
  • Benn Bekic
  • Ellen Duckman
  • June Pak, photographer


  • Hans V. Hansen
  • Robert C. Pinto
  • Christopher W. Tindale
  • J. Anthony Blair
  • Ralph H. Johnson

Student Volunteers:

Jan Sobocan Linda Carozza Ray Klassen
Catalin Mitelut Janice Perera Daniel Gunaratnam
Roger Daniher Amy Ohler Peatr Carvalho
Kosta Calfas

ISSN 2371-8323

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