Proceedings of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation Conference, Vol. 9 (2011)

Argumentation: Cognition & Community

University of Windsor, May 8-21, 2011

The editor would like to thank all contributors, including the Universities of Helsinki, Lund, and the Swedish Research Council.

Organization Committee:

  • Hans V. Hansen
  • Christopher W. Tindale
  • J. Anthony Blair
  • Ralph H. Johnson

Programme Committee:

  • J. Anthony Blair, University of Windsor
  • Marcello Guarini, University of Windsor
  • Beth Innocenti, University of Kansas
  • Ralph H. Johnson, University of Windsor
  • Tone Kvernbekk, University of Oslo
  • Jan Albert van Laar, Groningen University
  • Juho Ritola, University of Turku
  • Christopher W. Tindale, University of Windsor
  • Hans V. Hansen, University of Windsor (Secretary)


  • Frank Zenker

Student Volunteers:

Bev Anger Andy Ball Laura Benaquista
Josh Chauvin Dina D'Andrea Chris Genovesi
Julie Gorman Beth Hansen Curtis Lebert
Justin Morrise Tamilyn Mulvaney Shane Perrons
Anne Marie Romanko Matt Stevens Katie Sulatycki
Katharina van Radziewsky Sandie Vreuqdenhil

ISSN 2371-8323

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Papers and Commentaries
Papers and commentaries from the 9th OSSA conference, 2011.
Keynote Speakers and Blair Prize Winner
Papers from the keynote speakers and Blair Prize winner
Editor's Preface
Preface to the 9th OSSA Conference