Ionization energy of Li 6,7 determined by triple-resonance laser spectroscopy

B. A. Bushaw
W. Nortershauser
Gordon W. F. Drake, University of Windsor
H. J. Kluge

copyright American Physical Society


Rydberg level energies for Li7 were measured using triple-resonance laser excitation, followed by drifted field ionization. In addition to the principal n P2 series, weak Stark mixing from residual electric fields allowed observation of n S2 and hydrogenic Stark manifold series at higher n. Limit analyses for the series yield the spectroscopic ionization energy EI (Li7) =43 487.159 40 (18) cm-1. The Li 6,7 isotope shift (IS) was measured in selected n P2 Rydberg levels and extrapolation to the series limit yields IS (EI) 7,6 =18 067.54 (21) MHz. Results are compared with recent theoretical calculations: EI values from experiment and theory agree to within 0.0011 cm-1, with the remaining discrepancy comparable to uncertainty in QED corrections of order α4 Ry. The difference between experiment and calculated mass-based IS (EI) yields a change in nuclear charge radii between the two isotopes δ r2 7,6 =-0.60 (10) fm2. © 2007 The American Physical Society.