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Camabridge Handbook of Culture, Organizations, & Work

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It is now widely recognized that countries around the world are becoming increasingly interconnected, and that both public and private organizations are of necessity becoming increasingly global. As political, legal, and economic barriers recede in this environment, cultural barriers emerge as a principal challenge to organizational survival and success. It is not yet clear whether these global realities will cause cultures to converge, harmonize, and seek common ground or to retrench, resist, and accentuate their differences. In either case, it is of paramount importance for both managers and organizational scholars to understand the cultural crosscurrents underlying these changes. With contributions from an international team of scholars, this book reviews, analyzes, and integrates available theory and research to give the best information possible concerning the role of culture and cultural differences in organizational dynamics


‘This material has been published in The Camabridge Handbook of Culture, Organizations, & Work edited by Rabi S. Bhagat & Richard M. Steers, and has been reproduced by permission of Cambridge University Press. It is available for purchase here: