Richard Kostelanetz, Umberto Eco, Fernando Aguiar, Philippe Sollers, Sandra Birdsell, W.M. Sutherland, Spencer Selby, Louis Dudek, Frank Davey, Dennis Oppenheim, Brion Gysin, George Bowering, Jim McCrary on William Burroughs, Mel Freilicher on Kathy Acker, Helen Lovekin, Karen MacCormack, Steve McCaffery, Peter Jaeger, Taylor Brady, Christine Germain, Paul Dutton, Mark Laliberte, Sheila E. Murphy, Colin Morton, Paget Norton, Sam Patterson, Norman Lock, George Swede, Craig Foltz, Carole A. Turner, Linda Kivi, Lee Henderson, Mark Kerwin, Antonio Gomez, A. Connolly, Maggie Helwig, Joellie Ethier, Gary Barwin, Frank Sauers, Henry Ferris, David King, Jaqueline W. Turner, Paul Vermeersch, Chris Belsito, k ripp, Barry Butson, Denis Robillard, Brian D. Johnston, Irving Weiss, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Alootook Ipellie, Rolland Nadjiwon, William George, Antanas Sileika, Fausto Bedoya, Andrew Palcic.

Cover Art: Francisco Aliseda.



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