Spencer Selby, Pete Spence, Modris Eksteins, Paulo Bruscky, William Gibson, Fernando Aguiar, David Fennario, W.A. Hamilton, Anne-Miek Bibbe, Don K. Philpot, Harry Rudolfs, Henryk Skwar, Harry Polkinhorn, Corey Frost, Maria Gould, Brian Cullen, Libby Scheier, Derk Wynand, Litsa Spathi, Gordon Massman, Marcello Diotallevi, Michael Londry, Heather Hermant, Ian Cockfield, Christine Germain, Steven Venright, Barry Butson, Gustav Morin, George Murray, John Ditsky, Daniel F. Bradley, Peter Jaeger, Lawrence Upton, Linda Russo, Derek Beaulieu, Tim Atkins, Tom Orange, Miles Champion, Clemente Padin, Kim Dawn, Craig Burnett, Keith Hartman, Steven Ross Smith, Bonnie Salans, Andrea Nicki, Errol Miller, Bob Wakulich, Stephen Bett, Rob McLennan, Gustave Morin, Ryan Knighton, Keyth “Bangles” Lee, Jeffrey R. Young, Jane Creighton, Redell Olsen, Mark Dunn, Bill Keith, Richard Purdy, Dirk Van Nouhuys, Jason Schneider, Brett Martel, Gordon Marsden, Jason DeBoer.

Cover Art: Fausto Bedoya.



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