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12.1 Retrospectives



Robert Moorehead, David Antin, Manuel Brito, Theo Breuer, Michael Basinski, Lawrence Upton, Fernando Aguiar, Steven Venright, Nobuo Kubota, Eldon Garnet, Joy Kogawa, Christopher Dewdney, Vera Frenkel, Philippe Sollers, Elaine Corts, bp Nichol, Geoff Hancock, Sorel Etrog, Paul Dutton, Jaap Blonk, Bryan Sentes, Stan Fogel, Karl Jirgens, Reid Diamond, Serge Segay, Philip Monk, Brian Edwards, Rolland Nadjiwon, Jeanette Lynes, Norman Lock, W.M. Sutherland, Alan Lord, Sean Lefebvre, Louise Bak, Hartmut Andryczuk, June Mills, Meredith L. Ramsey-Kakapshe, William S. Eldridge, Rea Nikonova, Rachel Yellowman, Richard Frankland, Clemente Padin, Geary Hobson, César Figueiredo, Bill Cowen, Carol Stetser, Burke Paterson, Alan Weiss, Vittore Baroni, Joel Cohen, Christian Burgaud.

Cover Art: Sculpture by Noel Harding.



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