Christian Burgaud, Alistair MacLeod/Shelagh Rogers, Sophie Grenier, Robert Lepage/Pia Kleber, Claudel Huot, Carla Bertola, Frank Davey, Steve McCaffery, Karen MacCormack, Irene Guilford, Antanas Sileika, Jean-Claude Gagnon, André Marceau, Richard Martel, Monty Cantsin, Loss Pequeño Glazier, Helen Lovekin, Opal L. Nations, Eveyln Lau, bill bissett. Paul Dutton, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Gary Barwin, Steven Ross Smith, Louise Bak, Rob McLennan, Spencer Selby, Stan Rogal, John Swan, Mark Dunn, Jim Francis, Joseph Revells, Geeta Kothari, W.M. Sutherland.

Cover Art: Steve Venright.



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