Reed Altemus, W.M. Sutherland, Richard Kostelanetz, Heather Hermant, Carol Stetser, Opal L. Nations, William Davison/New Erotics, bill bissett, Henryk Skwar, Helen Lovekin, Norman Lock, Brian Panhuyzen, Stan Rogal, Steven R. Smith, Brian Cullen, Istvan Kantor, Michael Winkler, Evelyn Lau, Christian Burgaud, Jason Camlot, Donato Mancini, Katerina Fretwell, Andrea Nicki, Dorothea Grünsweig/Derk Wynand, Bryan Sentes, Mark Farrell, Vittori Baroni, Desi di Nardo, No Institute, B.Z Niditch, CMPA.

Cover art: Carla Bertola.



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