Rampike Vol. 14 / No. 1 (25th Anniversary Issue – Part 1): Fernando Aguiar, Carol Stetser, Frank Davey, Nicole Brossard, Christian Burgaud, bill bissett, Janet Cardiff, Laura Kikauka, Paul Dutton, Karen MacCormack, Steve McCaffery, Norman White, Artemio Iglesias, Gary Barwin, Susan Holbrook, John Bemrose, Karl Jirgens, Spencer Selby, Jack Hodgins, Nino Ricci, Marty Gervais, Dennis Cooley, rob mclennan, Catherine Bush, Don McKay, Lina Ramona, Vitkauskas, Tom Dilworth, Carole Beaulieu, Endre Farkas, Carolyn Marie Souaid, Margaret Christakos, Carolyn Forde, Mel Hurtig, Norman Lock, Oswald Kittery, Richard Truhlar, bp Nichol, derek beaulieu.

Cover Art: Marty Gervais.



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