Article Title

19.2 Cultural Mischief



Rampike Vol. 19 / No. 2 (Cultural Mischief issue): Michele Tarailo, Frank Davey, Erín Moure, Norman Lock, Louis Cabri, Rolland Nadjiwon, Greg Betts, Gary Barwin, tTENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE, Terry Griggs, Niels Hav, Heather Spears, Eugene McNamara, Susan Holbrook, Claudio Gaudio, Desi di Nardo, Edward Nixon, Concetta Principe, Daniel King, Denis Robillard, Lara Solnicki, Amanda Earl, Clara Blackwood, Babar Khan, Catherine McNeil, Chris Roberts, Jim Johnstone, Julienne Lottering, Pat Leech, Sandra Ridley, Janis Butler Holm, Lindsay Tipping, John Donlan, Sylwia Chrostowska, Myna Wallin, Adam Dickinson, Terry Trowbridge, Rob Mclennan.

Cover Art: Frank Davey & Coach House Press.



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