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2.3 Violence



Rampike Vol. 2 / No. 3 (Violence issue): Jacques Ferron, John Kenneth Galbraith, Joseph Beuys, Dennis Oppenheim, Yolande Villemaire, John Baturin, Pauline Harvey, Eric McLuhan, William Burroughs, Lucien Francoeur, Michael Gay, Stuart Brisley, Vito Acconci, Nicole Brossard, David Godfrey, Frank Davey, Dave McFadden, Chris Dewdney, Anita M. Alksnis, Steve Smith, Ken Decker, bp Nichol, Sid Marty, Paul Artaud, Michael Peel, Dawnold Brackett, Tom McNeely, Steve McCaffery, Gerry Gilbert, Eli Mandel, Susan Frykberg, People’s Republic of Poetry, Shaunt Basmajian, Ed Prato, Jupiter Larsen, Kirk Wirsig, Sandy Lewis, Paul Dutton, Tom Peifer, Don Thompson, George Bowering, Toronto Research Group, Burning Books, Karl Jirgens, David Hylnsky, Chris Burden.

Cover Photo: Karl Jirgens, featuring Robert Stewart.



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