Article Title

20.1 Fictions Issue



Rampike Vol. 20 / No. 1 (Fictions issue): Gustav Morin, Nicole Brossard, Alistair MacLeod, Robert Kroetsch, Claudette Abrams, Gerald Vizenor, Terry Griggs, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Lesley Belleau, Cyril Dabydeen, Lance Olsen, Steve Tomasula, Lucy Corin, Hal Jaffe, Diane Williams, Daniel King, Cris Mazza, Rob Stephenson, Matthew Roberson, Kate Hargreaves, Lisa Young, Beverly Akerman, Alexander MacLeod, Rodge Glass, Joshua Rapp Learn, Roger Knox, Jason Camlot.

Cover art: Claudette Abrams.



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