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22.2 Sur-Teksts



Rampike Vol. 22 / No. 2 (Sur-Teksts issue): Andrew Topel, George Bowering, Hal Jaffe & Joe Haske, Richard Kostelanetz, Phil Hall & Karl Jirgens, Aaron Daigle, Claude Gauvreau & Adam Seelig & Ray Ellenwood, Jill Darling, Gary Barwin, S.S. Prasad, Catherine Heard & Linda Steer, Jűrgen Olbrich, Robert Anderson, Michael Boughn, Laine Bourassa, Zach Buck, David Peter Clark, Victor Coleman, Tyler Crick, Oliver Cusimano, Caleb R. Ellis, Kelly Semkiw, Jonathan Pappo, Andrew McEwan, Louise Bak, Stephen Brown, Jon Flieger, Marie-Hélène Tessier. W. Mark Sutherland, Nathan Dueck, Luciano Iocobelli & Beatriz Hausner, Nam June Paik, Gerry Shikatani, Jean-Claude Gagnon.

Cover Art: Phil Hall.



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