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5.3 Terra Incognita



Rampike Vol. 5 / No. 3 (Terra Incognita issue): Pierre-André Arcand, Hank Bull, Giovanni Fontana, Noel Harding, R. Murray Schafer, Paul Dutton, Christopher Dewdney, Steve McCaffery, Aina Tilups, Susan Parker, Richard F. Purdy, George Bowering, Brian Edwards, Philippe Sollers, Marina LaPalma, Charles Bernstein, Michael Dennis, Giorgio Manganelli, Roberto Echavarren, Alicia Borinsky, Saul Yurkievich, Juan Cameon, Al Purdy, R. Barretto-Rivera, Richard Martel, Andre Tcetera, Ed Bloomberg, Alan Lord, Monty Cantsin, Gary Paul, Robert Harris, Harry Polkinhorn, Jurgen O. Olbrich, Ian Chunn, Robert C. Morgan, David UU, Larry Baiden, George Honecker, Thomas M. McDade, Melody Sumner, Nancy Zboch, Karl Mickel, Uwe Kolbe, Istvan Eorsi, Tillye Boesche-Zacharow, Imre Orvecz, Line McMurray, Jones, Jon Cone, Guillermo Deisler, Chris Magwood, Cheryl Kitts, Jim Francis, Maxine Gadd, James Gray, Nancy Johnson, Shelagh Alexander, Barbara Kruger, Opal L. Nations.

Cover Art: Christopher Dewdney.



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