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6.3 Subterfuge



Rampike Vol. 6 / No. 3 (Subterfuge issue): John Berndt, Philippe Sollers, John Stickney, Kathy Acker, Western Cell Division, Frank Moorehouse, Pierre Joris, Jake Berry, Ronald Sukenick, Ann Noel, Dennis Oppenheim, George Bowering, Michael Heckert, Sheila Davies, Balint Szombathy, Harry Polkinhorn, Richard Martel, Joanna Gunderson, Dennis Cooley, Alain-Martin Richard, William A. Reid, Stan Rogal, W. Pope L., Annette Mangaard, Karen MacCormack, James Sallis, R. Bartkowech, Misha, Dominique Robert, Fortner Anderson, Lisa Teasley, Richard Gessner, Ken Gangemi, Thomas Baer, Mark Leyner, Marina LaPalma, D.G. Tenenbaum, Louis Lapointe, bill bissett, Geza Perneczky, Guy R. Beining, Gil Aufray, Waldemar B. Schwauss, Robert Morgan, Opal L. Nations, Ralph La Charity, Derek Pell, Christof Migone, Heidi Arnold, E.J. Cullen, Saul Yurkievich, LeRoy Gorman, Miekal And, John Oughton, Rich Gold, Andrea O’Reilly, Paul Dutton, Jim Francis. Cover Art: Ulrich Tarlatt.



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