Peter Jaeger, Betty Radin, Marie-Claire Blais, Nicole Brossard, Pete Spence, Linda & Ron Baird, Julia Hoerner, David Fennario, Gary Barwin, Dick Higgins, Karen MacCormack, Jane Rohrschneider, Natalee Caple, Frank Davey, Victor Coleman, Stuart Ross, Russell Harrison, Laurie Kruk, Sheila Murphy, Robert Priest, Gordon Michael Allen, Henry Ferris, Stephen Cain, Pete Spence, Alexandra Leggat, Kathleen Yearwood, David Groulx, Rolland Nadjiwon, Armand Garnet-Ruffo, Judy MacDonald, Steven Whittaker, John Barlow, Eckhard Gerdes, Mark Kerwin, Jill Batson, Karl Jirgens.

Cover Art: Sculpture by Linda & Ron Baird.



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