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Download Chapter 1. A Brief Review of my Scholarly Contributions in Behavioral, Economic and Health Geography, by Gerard Rushton. (170 KB)

Download Chapter 2. A life of preference: Evolution of research from spatial interaction modelling to discrete choice modelling, by Gordon O. Ewing. (158 KB)

Download Chapter 3. Gerard Rushton, Central Place Theory and me: The influence of a geographic visionary on one of his students, by Thomas L. Bell. (344 KB)

Download Chapter 4. Studying human spatial decision-making and its environmental effects, beginning with an article by Gerard Rushton, by Alan G. Phipps. (178 KB)

Download Chapter 5. Gerard Rushton and Quantitative Human Geography, by Michael F. Goodchild. (328 KB)

Download Chapter 6. Integrating a hierarchical Bayes Gravity-like model into a retail chain’s IT system, by Thomas C. Eagle. (379 KB)

Download Chapter 7. The lessons of Snow: A call for Translational Health Geography, Kirsten M. M. Beyer. (264 KB)

Download Chapter 8. Spatial analysis of successful aging in older adults based on objective and subjective measures, by Ellen K. Cromley. (403 KB)

Download Chapter 9. Do international medical graduates improve spatial access to physicians? Rushton’s locational analysis framework in practice, by Sara McLafferty, Avijit Ghosh, and Jamie Fishman. (434 KB)

Download Chapter 10. Abstracts of Additional Papers, by Rudy Banerjee, Qiang Cai, Panos Lolonis, Jordan Louviere, John Mercer, and Chetan Tiwari. (246 KB)


This is a festschrift including nine scientific papers and six abstracts of papers written by Dr. Gerard Rushton or his former graduate students and colleagues to celebrate his retirement from teaching at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA. The festschrift begins with Rushton’s own review of his research advances in Behavioral Geography, Economic Geography and Health Geography that coincide with three recurring phases of his academic career during 45 years of teaching at the University of Iowa. Following this, each paper by a former student or colleague reviews the special personal and academic contributions of Rushton to him or her in one of those research areas. Each paper then proceeds to review the author’s (or authors’) contributions to scientific theory and empirical analysis that he or she (or they) has(ve) subsequently advanced or evolved from Rushton’s original contributions. These papers are scientific contributions of interest to an academic readership, as opposed to personal or anecdotal recollections.



Publication Date

Summer 7-2016


University of Windsor


Windsor, Ontario

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Gerard Rushton, Behavioral Geography, Economic Geography, Health Geography


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