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Prior to the amalgamation of East Windsor, Walkerville, Windsor and Sandwich under The City of Windsor (Amalgamation) Act 1935, those four Municipalities functioned separately and each owed large amounts to the public. All four Municipalities were in default for payment of part of the principal owing on their several debts, the default having occurred in the case of East Windsor on October 1st, 1931, Sandwich on March 1st, 1932, Windsor on December 1st, 1932, and Walkerville on December 14th, 1934. The first three Municipalities were also in default for payment of interest. In 1935 the City of Windsor (Amalgamation) Act, 1935, was passed for the purpose of amalgamating the four Municipalities and providing a solution for the problems created by the above defaults.

Publication Date



City of Windsor


Public Domain


Windsor, Ontario


Windsor (Ontario), Walkerville (Ontario), East Windsor (Ontario), Sandwich (Ontario), municipal finance, amalgamation


Finance and Financial Management | Urban Studies and Planning


Fiscal agent: C. W. McDiarmid

To view online at the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/PlanForFundingAndRefundingTheDebtsOfTheAmalgamatedMunicipalitiesOfEastWindsorWal

Plan for Funding and Refunding the Debts of the Municipalities of East Windsor, Walkerville, Windsor and Sandwich



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