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Preparing a Research Video

All UWill Discover participants, once accepted, are required to prepare a three-minute talk about their project. These talks are filmed on campus, to be compiled into an online video playlist. This playlist remains accessible both to attendees of the conference, and all others outside the conference walls as well. They will remain online as an artefact of the work presented at the conference, and the discussion it continues to bring.

Your talk should show us what first sparked your interest in the project you are presenting. Imagine you are talking to a non-expert. How could you explain your project in terms the average person could understand? How could you help them to share your excitement about what you have discovered? Those are the things you should try to share in your Research Talk. Take a few minutes and read about TED's 10 Commandments, the Research Talks are based off this method. Then dream big, do great things.

Even our Keynote Speakers will be recording a Research Talk, you're in good company! These talks will be made public on the University of Windsor's YouTube channel. Your poster or presentation abstract will also be on the internet, via our Scholarship@UWindsor repository. That means your work will be digitally shared with the world!

Our audience will be able to access your work before the conference begins. That means that when they come to the conference, they will have a chance to ask you questions, and push the conversation deeper from the very beginning. We hope you and our audience will find that valuable!