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Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario

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University Teaching Certificate Programs, University Teachers, Educational Development, Beliefs and Attitudes of University Teachers


Focusing on Fundamentals of University Teaching – one of three levels in the program – the study examined its impact on participant beliefs and attitudes about teaching and learning, their teaching practices and the larger impact on departmental and institutional decision making. Participants also identified benefits, areas of improvement and barriers to participation in the program.

The study compared pre- and post-program learning plan documents and changes in program teaching philosophies. Exit surveys and focus groups were also used. A total of 23 UTC participants took part in the study – 8 from the 2009-10 cohort, 5 from the 2010-11 cohort, 9 from the 2011-12 cohort, and 1 from the 2012-13 cohort. Of the 23 participants, 18 were female and 5 were male, a ratio consistent with the full program. Full-time, sessional, graduate student and staff instructors participated, representing engineering, social sciences, humanities, education, science, nursing, business and law. Of the 23 participants, 12 participated in the focus groups and 9 completed the exit survey.