Date of Award


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Master Thesis

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering


Ting, David




The offshore industry is currently experiencing challenges in designing flexible risers, cables etc., due to their susceptibility to FIV. Deeper understanding of the physics behind FIV is necessary in developing risers etc. This work presents two sets of experimental studies, collectively focusing on critical parameters that may greatly influence cylinder’s hydrodynamic response. A Tygon tube was towed from rest to steady speed before slowing down to rest again in still water. Axial pre-tension and mass ratio was varied for parametrically studying their effects on the cylinder’s hydrodynamic response, which was characterized mainly by vibration amplitudes and frequencies. The resulting effects of varying profile on flow-vibration amplitudes and frequencies have been quantified and expressed with respect to reduced velocity. A 2D numerical study has also been conducted to study the wake behind a circular cylinder, showing 4 types of vortex shedding modes.