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The purpose of the SRL Case Law Database is to highlight patterns and themes relevant to SRLs, as evidenced by decisions reported by Canadian courts.

Judges are now routinely being asked to consider issues that relate directly to the Access to Justice challenges of self-represented litigants. Judicial decision-making in cases involving SRLs is a new area of law, and one which presents many challenges for a traditional “strict neutrality” model of judging.

We hear frequently from both SRLs who contact us to share their particular case outcomes, and legal professionals (lawyers, court clerks) who send us particular decisions, in anticipation of our interest.

We believe that the Database will be of interest and practical use to lawyers, judges, SRLs, and the public. In 2018, we will begin to publish detailed research reports on how these cases are being decided across the country and in individual provinces. Once we have populated the Database with both family and civil cases back to 2010, we shall publish the complete SRL Case Law Database on the NSRLP website, where it will be searchable, downloadable and free.

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