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Philosophy, Sociology, Critical Theory, Hartmut Rosa, Resonance, Alienation


This paper relies on the work of Charles Taylor, Rahel Jaeggi, and Harmut Rosa to develop a method of ‘second-person critique.’ This is developed in opposition to first-person critique, otherwise known as self criticism, and third-person critique, which I take to be representative of instrumental reason. I criticize instrumental reason from Taylor’s perspective, while also relying on Martin Heidegger and Martin Buber to do the same. To further develop Rosa’s theory of resonance, I rely on David Graeber. I conclude by suggesting that while phenomenology has long accounted for our embodied relationship to the world, a ‘resonant phenomenology’ that includes the preceding authors can account for an understanding of others as embodied in the same manner that we are.

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Andrea Sullivan-Clarke

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Radu Neculau

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Master of Arts



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Major Research Paper

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