Proceedings of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation Conference, Vol. 8 (2009)

Argument Cultures

University of Windsor, June 3-6, 2009

Organizing Committee:

  • Hans V. Hansen
  • Christopher W. Tindale
  • J. Anthony Blair
  • Ralph H. Johnson

Programme committee:

  • Hans V. Hansen, University of Windsor
  • Christopher W. Tindale, University of Windsor
  • J. Anthony Blair, University of Windsor
  • Eveline T. Feteris, University of Amsterdam
  • Ralph H. Johnson, University of Windsor
  • Erik C.W. Krabbe, Groningen University
  • Michael C. Leff, University of Memphis

J. Anthony Blair Prize Committee:

The eigth OSSA conference included the fifth competition for the J. Anthony Blair Prize, an award given by OSSA for an outstanding paper by a graduate student whose paper was accepted for the conference. The award, which consists of a plaque and $500, was presented at the closing banquet to Andrei Moldovan, a PhD student at the University of Barcelona for his paper, "Pragmatic considerations in the interpretation of denying the antecedent." We wish to acknowledge and thank the scholars who advised the Organizing Committee in the competition for the OSSA prize:

  • Michael Gilbert (Philosophy, York University), Committee Chair
  • Eveline Feteris (Argumentation Theory, University of Amsterdam)
  • David Godden (Philosophy, Old Dominion University)
  • Beth innocenti (Communication Studies, University of Kansas)

The Society is grateful to the following at the University of Windsor for their generous support:

  • The Provost & Vice-President, Academic
  • The Dean of Arts and Social Sciences
  • The Dean of Law & Faculty of Law
  • The Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation, and Rhetoric (CRRAR)
  • The Department of Philosophy
  • Marcello Guarini, Research Leadership Chair, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Stephen Pender, Research Leadership Chair, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

ISSN 2371-8323

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