Asymmetry measurement of the 2s1/2(hy1s1/2 relativistic magnetic-dipole matrix element in He+

A. Van Wijngaarden
J. Patel
Gordon W. F. Drake, University of Windsor

copyright American Physical Society


When a beam of spin-polarized He+(2s1/2) ions is quenched by an electric field E, the emitted radiation intensity contains a left-right-asymmetry term proportional to Pk×E, where P is the spin-polarization vector and k is the observation direction. The resulting asymmetry is proportional to the relativistic magnetic dipole matrix element 1s1/2,1/2M1,02s 1/2,1/2. The measured asymmetry (2.935±0.337)×10-4 corresponds to the matrix element 1s1/2,1/2M1,02s 1/2,1/2 =-(0.2725±0.0313)α2eLatin small letter h with stroke/mc, in agreement with the theoretical value -0.2794α2eLatin small letter h with stroke/mc. The measurement provides a direct test of the relativistic corrections to the magnetic dipole transition operator. © 1986 The American Physical Society.